Audio and video studio

We decided to invest in our own professional music recording studios several years ago. Most of the music we have composed for our major shows (Bataille de Castillon, Arche de la Défense, Channel Tunnel, etc.) and museums (Planète Bordeaux, Espaço Porto Cruz, etc.) were recorded there. We recently expanded these facilities to incorporate the production of audiovisual solutions for our projects (post-synchronisation of films, voiceover recordings in any language, etc.).
We possess very high quality analogue and digital systems, and our mixes (mono, stereo or 5.1 surround-sound) are adapted to the broadcast locations and sound systems involved. In the case of fixed installations (museums, wine tourism guided tours, etc.), we carry out the final adjustments and sound equalisation on site. This means that we able to supervise every aspect of the audiovisual content we provide, from the beginning of the project to the final production.

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