Whatever exhibition we are working on, we offer creative solutions tailored to the specific demands of the project. This can mean creating content, or designing the layout of the various devices and displays intended to make tours more interesting. From guaranteeing tour clarity to ensuring a balance between the various sensory experiences, our events planning expertise means that we ensure precise, rational and sensitive site layout design. It is important to bear in mind that today’s visitors are looking for “a real, living experience” when attending an exhibition. Our design team is backed by specialised technicians, who guarantee the reliability and longevity of the multimedia devices and displays we install.

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the industry, we are ideally qualified for wine tourism projects. Our vast experience enables us to create tours offering an insight into the châteaux and vineyards, from the outside and the inside. We offer tailor-made solutions geared to wines, alcohol products and spirits. By thorough research into the brand’s history and background, we emphasise the unique nature of the product and reinforce its identity. Our solutions are above all designed to respect the image of the brand.
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