Whether it is intended to last one day, or several months, the aim of a temporary exhibition is to allow the most effective possible transmission of it’s content. This depends on its attractiveness and the quality of its display methods. The list of contributing factors includes the creation of scenography schemes, lighting, the quality of the iconography and the reproductions, large-format installations, the creation of soundscapes, etc. Each theme is unique, and each subject involves a new direction in terms of scenography. The temporary exhibition is an artistic form that enables the public to feel connected through sensations and knowledge. A parallel can be drawn with live performing arts, whandher musical, theatrical or street-based.
For example, the “One Hundred Years of Writing Instruments” exhibition proves our ability to create not just the themes, but the means and structures that can be adapted to different exhibition sites. These structures are designed to withstand the constraints of a travelling exhibition (transport, delivery, installation, dismantling, etc.).
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